The two main forms of construction at present are building free form on semi-flat ground or on a foundation. Structures that can be placed directly on the ground usually decay with 1-2 weeks of not being maintained whereas structures placed on a foundation can last a month before they start decaying.

Ground Based

Basic Shack - Not much bigger than an outhouse, the absolute basics.

Small Shack - A little room to stretch but still quite small.

Shack - Largest freestanding structure

Foundation Based

Deck Foundation - Basis for all foundation buildings. Basically a platform on stilts. No longer comes with stairs. Ramp or stairs must be crafted separately.

Shelter - Smaller building requiring a foundation.

Metal Shed - Small and secure but requires metal.

Large Shelter - The largest structure available that can be built.

Structure Stairs - Used for multi-level buildings.

Metal Wall - Combined with the metal gate to keep your complex secure.


Basic Shack Door - The only door that fits the basic shack.

Wooden Door - Fits most structures and can be destroyed.

Metal Door - Fits most structures and provides more security and cost of more expensive materials.

Metal Gate - Combined with the metal walls to keep your complex secure.