Pleasant Valley Edit

Pleasant Valley, notorious for advanced groups and skilled players, is the most dangerous place to be in H1Z1 no matter how advanced you are. Being the largest point of interest on the map, Pleasant Valley attracts players abroad. What makes Pleasant Valley so special? To start, there are 157 buildings to loot with lots of them having multiple stories. Second, the Police Station. Like the one in Cranberry, the Pleasant Valley Police Station can yield a surplus of guns, ammo, armour, and everything in between. Also, Romeros, a large supermarket with multiple car spawns just in the parking lot. There are basically three sections of Pleasant Valley. Firstly, Downtown. This is where you will find the commercial buildings, Romeros, and the Police Station. Downtown Pleasant Valley is the most dangerous part of the city. Second, the Industrial warehosues at the south point of the city. Then, there is a small strip just east of Downtown where there are some houses and apartment buildings. Lastly, a massive suburban neighborhood yielding 84 houses to loot. Though Pleasant valley has almost everything you need in it, there is not much around it. Unlike Cranberry, the only other points of interest near Pleasant valley are Bumjack Farms. To get to Zimms you have to go 3 squares north, and without a vehicle can be a long trip. If you go west, you have to go through thick wilderness and mountains to get to the Military Base and the Hospital. Overall, Pleasant Valley is not a fun place to be if you dont have a loaded rifle and a group to defend you. Pleasant Valley is only ideal for players with a group and weapons, armour, and a very refined set of combat skills.

Ranchito Taquito Edit

Being the smallest town on the map with only 68 buildings, Ranchito Taquito is the road less travelled. Offering many points of interest like Romeros Supermarket, many commercial and apartment buildings to loot, and many car spawns, Ranchito Taquito is ideal for beginners. Although Ranchito has many advantages, it is far from other points of interest. The only other civilizations near the town are the Villas Development and many campsites. Overall, Ranchito Taquito is a great place to get loot for beginners.

Cranberry Edit

Cranberry is the second largest town in H1Z1, having 87 buildings to loot. Cranberry in some ways is considered almost if not just as dangerous as Pleasant Valley. Why? Because it is near many very common spawns luring new players into a likely death. Also, like Pleasant Valley, Cranberry has a Police Station offering the chance of guns, ammunition, and body armour. In addition to that, Downtown Cranberry has a manifold of apartment and commercial buildings both having multiple stories. As a result rewarding players with a bounty of loot. But what makes Cranberry uniquely dangerous is that it is near many points of interest., more so than Pleasant Valley. Around Cranberry is the Misty Peak Dam, the Lone Pine Development, the Opher Wilderness Camp, and Bubba's Truck Shop. Lastly, there is also lots of Wilderness giving a good cover for people to build bases while still having access to loot in the town. Cranberry is ideal for advances players in groups. But if you just spawned in, be cautious.